Legs at the top for summer! Get rid of cellulite!

indemne gimme smooth for legs

The first rays of sunshine are coming and we can’t wait to get our skirts out of the closet and show our legs! But for those who have some complexes, don’t worry, Indemne reveals you our tricks to take care of your legs and show them with pride!

Bye-bye Cellulite!

It is time to take things back in hand to show your legs without complex. Indeed, cellulite concerns 90% of us! Despite the popular beliefs, it is not a question of extra kilos because even the thinnest ones are not spared. Cellulite is a phenomenon that appears and evolves as we undergo hormonal changes in our lives. So it’s pretty hard to get rid of it, but fortunately, it can be reduced.

How? Here are our tips and tricks

Moussaillon Mimosa Edition : the Future of the Soap

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A natural soap isn’t caracterized by its form, in fact it is by its composition, the soap is made by chimical reaction that create a amphiphilic molecule (it’s the molecule  that lather the soap). By this way of thinking we created the new soap, the only one soap to sprinkle in the world, we aren’t afraid to say it, this is the innovation which is going to change the behavior in the bathroom.

Product innovation and its benefits

We have already launched « Moussaillon » and now its little brother is joining us « Moussaillon Mimosa Edition ». This soap is 100% natural and contains organic shea butter. It seduced the most part of our community by its utility. Good bye old soaps that are deteriorating next to the sink!! Farewell the feeling of dryness on the hands after washing it with classical soap!! This little bottle full of ingeniosity have been make to reconnect the people who are used to wash their hands and body with shower gel to the natural soap morever with organic component.

The soap of a happy family

It can be used by the whole family and also by the children (after 36 months), due to its ultra soft as the olive oil or the organic shea butter use to nourish your skin deeply. It will give you a fresh feeling on the hands, furthermore an incredible smell that will remenber you your childhood or your dreams in the south of France, between mimosas smelling the fresh summer air that makes you say « God, south is very comfortable »

You’d understand the Natural soap « Moussaillon Edition Mimosa » is a plus which’ll give you well-being and happiness from the early morning (as hard it could be!!) to the late evening.

Limited Edition – Eau de Génie Phosphorescence edition

Limited Edition – Eau de Génie Phosphorescence edition

After finding some funny names for her products, Christine Simon surprises us one more time!
Discover now the Eau de Génie Phosphoressence edition – the facial toner which won’t only brighten your skin…

For a skin as bright as its packaging

Eau de Genie  is an organic facial toner to completely remove micelles, make-up residues. It cleanses all skin types. A 100% organic fruits water to revitalize your complexion by restoring, moisturizing, tightening pores, calming irritated skin and brightens. It prepares and helps your skin to absorb your next skin care step more efficiently.

Tips: Eau de Génie is a subtle ally in your cleansing routine but not only, it fixes your makeup and refreshes you during the day or after sports.

Despite its name, Eau de Génie contains no mineral water (eau) – only fruits water. We bet on 100% active ingredients:

  • Organic lemon water: purifies and unblocks the skin
  • Organic grapefruit water: tightens pores and smoothes the skin
  • Organic apricot water: moisturizes and protects the skin
  • Organic tomato water: regenerates and brightens the skin

Lemon, apricot, tomato and grapefruit

Let there be light!

For a limited time, Eau de Génie has been along with its innovative packaging. A new phosphorescent packaging which offers you some more magic. Who knows? Maybe there is really a genie who can make your skin flawless in the Eau de Génie flask…
Nota bene: Obviously, if you don’t want the genie to escape from the flask, just remember recharge it by light.

If you want some magic, find Eau de Génie at Indemne.uk

magic eau de genie genius mixte of floral water nourishing and invigorating

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The necessary step to get a Miss skin!

 Miss Ella lotion for a perfect skin Natural micelar lotion

You women all dream about having a perfect skin. But if making yourself up is most of the time a pleasure, being obliged to smooth away the appearance of your imperfection is not that enjoyable! Are you fed up with envying Misses and their perfect skin? Don’t worry, Indemne tells you some tips to switch roles!

The new Binchotan Konjac Sponge

Binchotan konjac sponge Indemne

Transform the makeup removal step in a relaxing ritual! The I love K black edition is now exclusively available at indemne.fr. A new Konjac sponge made with high-quality binchotan for better fighting against your blemishes thanks to its new components.

How to keep a healthy skin this summer?

a healthy skin in summer with AntisecheWe all know it – during summer season, the skin is put to a severe test! Intense sunlight, chlorine, sea salt…It is often hard to avoid dry skin if we don’t have in mind the good tips. Don’t worry, Indemne gives you some effective tips to keep a healthy skin this summer!

Indemne x Cœur de Lys – the softness mix

Coeur de Lys and Indemne

Cœur de Lys is a coquette and comfy lingerie company which essentially targets women who had breast cancer, a mastectomy, a reconstructive surgery or women who just can’t put up with underwiring. 

A personal experience at the origin of the brand

Angélique de Rocquigny, founder of Coeur de Lys, had a breast cancer 5 years ago. She not only had to face the cancer but also had to take up her image and her femininity again. According to this brave woman “life goes on after cancer” and women who face this ordeal have the right to feel beautiful despite the disease. And as Ms de Rocquigny does not do things half way, she went into partnerships in order that a little part of her turnover is donated to charitable causes (cancer patients, etc.)

Indemne and Coeur de Lys

Cœur de Lys & Indemne

Cœur de Lys and Indemne share the same values. Just like Angélique de Rocquigny, Christine Simon founded the Indemne brand thanks to her personal experience. For that reason, both of them desire make the most of their past to help people in need.

Like the Indemne products, which ingredients are totally natural, the Coeur de Lys lingerie targets people with sensitive skin. Thus, the two brands decided to go into partnership and to offer the “pochette cocooning”.

The « pochette cocooning »

In the “pochette cocooning”, you can find the Antiseche skin care oil with a value of 29,95€ and the Coeur de Lys bra which is made of organic cotton with a value of 50€. The pochette cocooning will please people who look for softness at a reasonable price. A subtle veil of sweet almond and neroli with Antiseche and then the pleasure to put the Coeur de Lys bra on for a mix of softness and femininity. Ideal for sensitive skin which needs to be pampered.

pochette cocooning


Antiseche skin care oil

The Antiseche skin care oil you can find in the « pochette cocooning » nourishes, repairs and protects your body from head to toe. Thanks to the plant oils and essential oils it contains, Antiseche makes your body sublime every day and lets a subtle veil of sweet almond and neroli on your skin.

  • For the body: you can use it after the shower – it quickly gets into the skin and nourishes it deeply.
  • For the face: You can use Antiseche instead of your day and night cream for a glowing complexion all day long.
  • For hair: You can use Antiseche as a hair mask before washing your hair and as a repairing care. Your hair will be shiny and silky again thanks to this oil’s marvellous ingredients.
  • Pour les pieds et cuticules : Elle répare et nourrit les zones les plus sèches pour un bien-être immédiat.
  • For your feet and cuticles: Antiseche repairs and nourishes the driest areas of your skin for an immediate comfort.

The Cœur de Lys bra

This bra has been conceived for satisfying your desire for softness and femininity! With no seam and entirely lined, its softness is matchless.


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