Essential oils during pregnancy

essential oils during pregnancyEssential oils and pregnancy are they compatible? Numerous women wonder about this question. Essential oils may be natural but they are powerful before all. For that reason, you should know how to daily use correctly essential and what are precautions to be taken during your pregnancy.

Toxic substances in cosmetics: a real scourge

Learn to read labels and choose natural products!

natural and conventional cosmetics

At Indemne, it is morally impossible for us to develop products with a lot of harmful ingredients. That’s why we offer you 100% natural cosmetics formulated with essential and vegetable oils ready for use that will solve your various skin problems (acne, psyoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, cellulite, eczema, etc.) in order to restore the wellness of your skin. Do not hesitate to look for the products that will suit you best here! Sensitive and delicate skins, need not worry, we also have a few things for you!