How essential oils can resolve cellulite?

resolve cellulite

Let’s talk about essential oils and how they can treat cellulite !

First, let talk about cellulite ? What’s this ?

The cellulite is persistent bubcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, it affects 9 women on 10.

These bubcutaneous fats block the blood circulation and its fluids, and the one who cause the cellulite, the lymph in charge of toxin circulation to organs to treat them. Blocked by the fat the toxin get stuck under the skin and cause dimpling of the skin and also inflammation.

Do essential oils can treat cellulite ?

It has been clinically proved that the Lotion « Gimme Smooth!» based on essential oils treat cellulite effectively. Clinical tests were performed under dermatological control on a panel of 23 women for 56 days with the results such as up to -3.4 cm of hip circumference, -2.9 cm of arm and -1.9 cm of thigh circumference. 

How do essential oils treat cellulite ?

Essential oils assets in Gimme Smooth! have all created especially to treat cellulite, in fact the « Eucalyptus dives » is a fat-destroying oil, grape seed oil smoothes blood circulation and other essential anti-cellulite oils that work deeply under the skin.

Gimme Smooth! is once and for all THE essential oils lotion perfect to fight against cellulite, to get an incredible result it’s recommended to do a rolling massing on the concerned zone.

In brief, the old prejudice on the cellulite as « sport reduces cellulite » or «  eat healthy » aren’t enough to fight against it.

 But don’t forget about sports. Creating muscles burns fat, so it’s recommended to do bodybuilding, then do a small session of running or body bump to simplify the blood circulation and the Lymph.

What Do Vegan Cosmetics Mean?

vegan cosmetics indemne
Today the trend of cosmetics is changing, labels are becoming more and more popular, such as slow cosmetics, homemade products, organic products, etc. Vegan is one criteria among all. While the term Vegan is simply fashionable for some and is a real lifestyle for others, what hides behind this trend?

Why talk about Vegan Cosmetics?

The first thing to consider about Vegan cosmetics is that they completely ban all animal matter from their compositions and ingredients, whatever it may be!

For example: animal fats, but also beeswax, honey or milk etc.

Therefore, a Vegan cosmetic is logically Cruelty free, even if today this term could no more be used because it is forbidden to test cosmetic products on animals. Indeed, since 2013, there is a law within the European Union that prohibits testing on animals during the entire manufacturing process. United States are among other countries which are phasing-out animal testing.

On the other hand a 100% Vegan product certainly condemns any cruelty and testing on animals as well as any ingredient that would be of animal origin.

Be careful not to confuse organic cosmetics with Vegan cosmetics. Organic cosmetics may well contain elements of biological origin such as beeswax or honey… but this type of ingredient is derived from animal exploitation and is not part of the Vegan ethics…

But rest assured, the Indemne Laboratory offers you 100% natural, organic and VEGAN treatments!! You can now find our entire range on