How essential oils can resolve cellulite?

resolve cellulite

Let’s talk about essential oils and how they can treat cellulite !

First, let talk about cellulite ? What’s this ?

The cellulite is persistent bubcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, it affects 9 women on 10.

These bubcutaneous fats block the blood circulation and its fluids, and the one who cause the cellulite, the lymph in charge of toxin circulation to organs to treat them. Blocked by the fat the toxin get stuck under the skin and cause dimpling of the skin and also inflammation.

Do essential oils can treat cellulite ?

It has been clinically proved that the Lotion « Gimme Smooth!» based on essential oils treat cellulite effectively. Clinical tests were performed under dermatological control on a panel of 23 women for 56 days with the results such as up to -3.4 cm of hip circumference, -2.9 cm of arm and -1.9 cm of thigh circumference. 

How do essential oils treat cellulite ?

Essential oils assets in Gimme Smooth! have all created especially to treat cellulite, in fact the « Eucalyptus dives » is a fat-destroying oil, grape seed oil smoothes blood circulation and other essential anti-cellulite oils that work deeply under the skin.

Gimme Smooth! is once and for all THE essential oils lotion perfect to fight against cellulite, to get an incredible result it’s recommended to do a rolling massing on the concerned zone.

In brief, the old prejudice on the cellulite as « sport reduces cellulite » or «  eat healthy » aren’t enough to fight against it.

 But don’t forget about sports. Creating muscles burns fat, so it’s recommended to do bodybuilding, then do a small session of running or body bump to simplify the blood circulation and the Lymph.

Cellulite : How to distinguish its different types?

types of cellulite indemne

Depending on your type of cellulite, there are different ways to eliminate it! For that reason, you must know how to distinguish these different types of cellulite. Because the Indemne team is composed of numerous women who face the little women’s daily issues, we tell you today few pieces of advice…simple sisterhood!

What Do Vegan Cosmetics Mean?

vegan cosmetics indemne
Today the trend of cosmetics is changing, labels are becoming more and more popular, such as slow cosmetics, homemade products, organic products, etc. Vegan is one criteria among all. While the term Vegan is simply fashionable for some and is a real lifestyle for others, what hides behind this trend?

Why talk about Vegan Cosmetics?

The first thing to consider about Vegan cosmetics is that they completely ban all animal matter from their compositions and ingredients, whatever it may be!

For example: animal fats, but also beeswax, honey or milk etc.

Therefore, a Vegan cosmetic is logically Cruelty free, even if today this term could no more be used because it is forbidden to test cosmetic products on animals. Indeed, since 2013, there is a law within the European Union that prohibits testing on animals during the entire manufacturing process. United States are among other countries which are phasing-out animal testing.

On the other hand a 100% Vegan product certainly condemns any cruelty and testing on animals as well as any ingredient that would be of animal origin.

Be careful not to confuse organic cosmetics with Vegan cosmetics. Organic cosmetics may well contain elements of biological origin such as beeswax or honey… but this type of ingredient is derived from animal exploitation and is not part of the Vegan ethics…

But rest assured, the Indemne Laboratory offers you 100% natural, organic and VEGAN treatments!! You can now find our entire range on

Skin reactions after using natural products?

skin-reactions-indemneIf one day you decided to use only natural products to pamper your skin, maybe you got unpleasant skin reactions such as a rash, a dry skin or an oily skin, shedding, red patches or even large pores. Is is normal? Indemne explains you this phenomenon!

Natural products and skins reactions : a blessing in disguise

Don’t worry, if you notice some of these reactions on your skin after replacing your ancient products by natural products, it’s a good sign! These various reactions are just the proof that your skin is finding its balance and is being cleaned up.

By using numerous products which often contain some paraffin, your skin has broken the habit to do its work.

Paraffin is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes. It stems from a non-vegetable (mineral) source, particularly a distillate of petroleum”.

Paraffin is easy to work, cheap and it stores well. For these reasons, they are often used in the cosmetics industry.

Paraffin remains on the surface of the skin and creates a kind of barrier which protects the epidermis of external influences. The issue: Paraffin prevents the skin from breathing and slows the absorption of the other components of the product by creating an occlusive film on the skin – an advantage in the composition of lipsticks and eye shadows, but a drawback in the composition of face creams and other skincare for this area.

Why is it a drawback?

It’s simple: once the skin is covered with this occlusive film, it feels protected and has the feeling it needn’t work anymore. And so, as paraffin already has the protector role, the skin produces less sebum.


When you stop using industrial products and start using natural products, your skin feels disturbed and lets you know it! Dry skin, eczema, rash…sometimes, you’re not spoiled!

What about my dream of having a perfect skin?

This rebound effect doesn’t last forever! Depending on your skin problems, you skin type, your diet, and also your state of stress, your skin will find its balance in a more or less long time. As a general rule, it takes 4 weeks; the renewal time of the stratum corneum (the outer part of the epidermis including the surface of the skin). However, for the more intolerant skin, it can last 3 months.

Good news: If you are a quite zen person and if you have a healthy diet (a lot of fruits and vegetables, enough water, little red meat, few industrial foods), you’ll be more likely to avoid this rebound effect.

Here you are! You can’t say natural products weren’t made for you anymore…everyone can take advantage of their benefits. You just need to be a little bit patient!


Christine Simon – the woman who de-dramatized the skin pimples!

We understand each other!

Christine Simon - Indemne founder

Do you have skin problems that ruin your life? Small complexes that stress you out? Many women suffer from skin problems and skin pimples and Christine Simon understands them!

According to statistics, stress affects 1 of 2 employees! And it is well known that stress is a factor of sleep disorders, irritability but above all… skin problems! As if being stressed isn’t enough… on top of that, you immediately may feel less confident with eczema and small pimples that emerge from everywhere!

Christine Simon to your rescue!

Legs at the top for summer! Get rid of cellulite!

indemne gimme smooth for legs

The first rays of sunshine are coming and we can’t wait to get our skirts out of the closet and show our legs! But for those who have some complexes, don’t worry, Indemne reveals you our tricks to take care of your legs and show them with pride!

Bye-bye Cellulite!

It is time to take things back in hand to show your legs without complex. Indeed, cellulite concerns 90% of us! Despite the popular beliefs, it is not a question of extra kilos because even the thinnest ones are not spared. Cellulite is a phenomenon that appears and evolves as we undergo hormonal changes in our lives. So it’s pretty hard to get rid of it, but fortunately, it can be reduced.

How? Here are our tips and tricks

Essential oils during pregnancy

essential oils during pregnancyEssential oils and pregnancy are they compatible? Numerous women wonder about this question. Essential oils may be natural but they are powerful before all. For that reason, you should know how to daily use correctly essential and what are precautions to be taken during your pregnancy.

Your homemade lip balm Indemne DIY Recipes

Today Indemne offers you a quick and simple DIY recipe!


There was a time when a lip balm was associated with a fluo-to-gogo or colored lip balm and frequently had a distinctive coconut, strawberry or even chocolate taste. At that time we didn’t necessarily know what was in it… But today it’s over!

So how do you make your 100% natural homemade lip balm?

Indemne reveals you a customizable recipe based on its famous Baba Cool care oil in two fragrances: Almond or Coconut-Vanilla.


To make a homemade lip balm you need:

1 container, e.g. small 10 mL jar

1 bowl + 1 saucepan for the water bath

1 spatula

5g or 1 teaspoon of vegetable butter (shea, for example)

5g or ½ teaspoon of vegetable wax (e.g., soybeans)

2 drops of Vitamin E

And finally 5g or 1 teaspoon of Baba Cool oil (fragrance to choose, we decided to test Almond care oil)*

*per 10 mL jar

The Indemne recipe:

Step 1: Gently melt all solid ingredients on a water bath

Step 2: Add the remaining liquid ingredients and mix!

Step 3: Pour the still warm mix into a small jar

Step 4: Let it cool and it’s done!

image en plus

And here you have what you need to make a homemade cosmetic product, 100% natural, organic and vegan!

lip balm recipe Indemnelip-balm-recipe-tuto-indemne

Find other recipes DIY by Indemne! :

A sequined care oil 100% Vegan

DIY 100% Vegan Scented Candle

Why you should be vigilant when you are using essential oils for DIY?


«Special Spring» DIY: A sequined care oil 100% Vegan

Do you like make your own cosmetics? Or just to customize them in order to adapt them to your skin, to the season, to an event, or to your wishes of the moment? Do you want to change your beauty routine, or bring a new touch whether in texture or with fragrance?

At Indemne we are fans of the ‘do it yourself”! We create, transform, deform, and recreate. Indemne offers you its DIY for the scented Baba Cool Care Oil (Coconut-Vanilla OR Almond)!

This beauty oil is perfect for nourishing your body and hair, no matter what is your skin type. And its gentle and warm perfume help you stay relaxed and positive during the day! Also, this essential oils mix is perfectly safe for your skin (even atopic-prone!) and hair. 

Sequined Care Oil Recipe

This is THE ideal recipe for the springtime to sublime your skin and make it sparkle!



You must have:

  • Depending on your desires: 1 Baba Cool almond or Vanilla-Coco oil (100 mL)
  • Glitters of the color of your choice*
  • And a knife (we’ll only use the tip!)

*we used a natural gold powder mica and natural sequins

The recipe by Indemne:

Step 1: Gently remove the reducing plug from Baba Cool oil

Step 2: Add 2 points of a knife of gold powder knife and 3 points of a knife of natural glitter (or even more if you like sparkles!)

Step 3: Put the reducing plug back on, shake and… It’s ready!

recipe indemne sequined care oil DIY

Use Baba Cool sequined care oil to sublimate, nourish and flavor your skin and/or hair and shine like a beautiful star! 

In addition, know that Baba Cool has a shelf life of whole 9 months after opening! 


Next week learn how to do a perfumed candle at home! Easy and fast DIY to create a relaxing, cozy or mysterious atmosphere!


Essential Oils For Handmade Dermo-cosmetics

Why you should be vigilant when you are using essential oils for DIY?

Moreover, if you have irritated, sensitive or acne-prone skin?

Tips DIY with Essential oils

We have been doing this since the beginning of time. From our early childhood, when we have been imitating our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins… by playing a cook or a chemist apprentice and making experiments!


This seems like a piece of cake when you search for a new interesting combination with a nice smell. But without chemical and molecular knowledge you should be careful. Do not rely only on data from the Internet where ineptitudes can be infinite!

Tips against pollen allergy!


It’s spring! We all want to go out and enjoy the good weather…but the pollen too! This year, spring began earlier, same with pollen allergies. For all people who face this problem, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 30 years ago, 5% of the population suffered from pollen allergy. Today 30% are concerned!

“Pollen is a fine yellowish powder that is transported from plant to plant by the wind, by birds, by insects or by other animals. The spread of pollen helps to fertilize plants — and can mean misery for seasonal allergy sufferers.”


What are the symptoms of this famous allergy we are so often talked about?

Allergic people can feel numerous symptoms: sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and eyes, wheezing…

Immortelle, your best beauty partner!

Immortelle flower

Well more than a simple flower, Immortelle or “Helichrysum” is aptly named! Why “Immortelle” (immortal in English)? Simply because this flower has an extraordinary longevity and possesses amazing anti-aging properties. It is truly the flower of beauty and youthfulness!

Toxic substances in cosmetics: a real scourge

Learn to read labels and choose natural products!

natural and conventional cosmetics

At Indemne, it is morally impossible for us to develop products with a lot of harmful ingredients. That’s why we offer you 100% natural cosmetics formulated with essential and vegetable oils ready for use that will solve your various skin problems (acne, psyoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, cellulite, eczema, etc.) in order to restore the wellness of your skin. Do not hesitate to look for the products that will suit you best here! Sensitive and delicate skins, need not worry, we also have a few things for you!


Essential oils, a natural weapon against the flu


This year, the flu epidemic peak is at its highest level! Each year, 2.5 million people are affected by this viral, infectious and highly contagious disease. Knowing that it is possible to combat it naturally by using some essential oils.


Very contagious, the flu attacks the respiratory system and is accompanied by fever, chills, aches and headaches. We are repeating you everywhere to follow the same advices to minimize the risks of transmission, and yet the epidemic persists … Evidence that everyone does not follow! Here, you can find a short summary to help you in your daily basis.


How to survive between Christmas and New Year’s Eve: our miracle detox

Clean your liver, it only asks for it!


Your stomach and your liver refuse to cooperate after this festive weekend? Wondering how will you alive just before the New Year’s Eve? Come on, we’ll reveal our little secret! Shush! That’s only because it’s you!

The solution is: the herbal tea! Be careful, it’s not a basic herbal tea! It’s the Christine SIMON’s herbal tea, founder of Indemne, made with ginger, cinnamon and lemon! Whatever if you are an herbal tea lover or not, you will succumb to the spicy taste of ginger, the delicious smell of cinnamon and the acidity of the lemon. With the combination of those three ingredients, say goodbye to fats and waste in the body!