Essential Oils For Handmade Dermo-cosmetics

Why you should be vigilant when you are using essential oils for DIY?

Moreover, if you have irritated, sensitive or acne-prone skin?

Tips DIY with Essential oils

We have been doing this since the beginning of time. From our early childhood, when we have been imitating our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins… by playing a cook or a chemist apprentice and making experiments!


This seems like a piece of cake when you search for a new interesting combination with a nice smell. But without chemical and molecular knowledge you should be careful. Do not rely only on data from the Internet where ineptitudes can be infinite!

This Spring: TOP 6 Herbs For Skin Care !

Spring is here!

It is high time to make your skin breath and enjoy the sunlight!

A girl in spring

There is a simple way to make you worry not about imperfections, irritations, dryness or ultraviolet impact. You just may use our main beauty tip for a skin care daily routine.

So here how to take care of skin naturally! Everything thanks to…