Christine Simon – the woman who de-dramatized the skin pimples!

We understand each other!

Christine Simon - Indemne founder

Do you have skin problems that ruin your life? Small complexes that stress you out? Many women suffer from skin problems and skin pimples and Christine Simon understands them!

According to statistics, stress affects 1 of 2 employees! And it is well known that stress is a factor of sleep disorders, irritability but above all… skin problems! As if being stressed isn’t enough… on top of that, you immediately may feel less confident with eczema and small pimples that emerge from everywhere!

Christine Simon to your rescue!

Happy birthday Eau de Génie!

Eau de genie

The new beauty ritual!

If you don’t know the Eau de Génie yet, Eau de Génie is an organic facial toner to completely remove micelles, make-up residues. It cleanses all skin types.

A 100% organic fruits water to revitalize your complexion by restoring, moisturizing, tightening pores, calming irritated skin and brightens. It prepares and helps your skin to absorb your next skin care step more efficiently.

The plus: Eau de Génie is a subtle ally in your cleansing routine but not only, it fixes your makeup and refreshes you during the day or after exercising.

I love K®, Konjac sponge with green clay

First of all, what is the Konjac (Amorphophallus konjac)

Konjac (Amorphophallus konjac) is a plant of the Araceae family. It’s a perennial plant that grows from a spherical tuverous rhizome very large. Native to tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, it grows naturally in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, South Korea or Japan. Wikipedia definition.


Used in cooking, Konjac is also known in the cosmetic universe.

rs_i love k_uk_Who is it ?

I love K® is a (heart) natural sponge in vegetable fiber to clean the skin. It can also be used to remove the make-up.

Why I love K® ?

The regular utilisation of I love K® allows to clean the face in deep. Without irritating the skin, I love K® gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Cell renewal is then easily and the skin becomes smoother. Ultra soft and respectful, I love K® suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate. Skin clean and soft guaranteed!


I love K® owes its color to the presence of green clay. It absorbs excess sebum and bacteria to facilitate thorough cleaning. The use of Konjac sponge reduces imperfections while balancing the pH of the skin. The skin regains its natural glow.

etapes_utilisation_ilovekHow to use it?

It’s necessary to moisten I love K® before using it. Then you can use it with you cleansing lotion / make up remover or cleansing base. Make circular movements across the face. Rinse your water engineering. Difficult to do without after observing the sweetness on the face! I use it morning and evening at every cleaning moments :)

The Asian women beauty secret is now in your hands…

Indemne Made in France


What Origine France Garantie label ?

The French cosmetic quality is well established… in principle… but only the word France is no longer enough to reassure consumers in France or abroad.

Today, any company having its registered office in France or institution can put a French flag and write “made ​​in France” without control. I chose a different approach, based on full verification of the achievement chain: from research and development to logistics, through the production, everything is French.

By obtaining certification (BV License. 6037298), the consumer know that Indemne is a French brand with a serious control. Indemne is proud to belong to an entirely French creation.

Find us here :–indemne-indemne-lotions.html

Indemne's cosmetics french natural brand

Why Indemne ?

2015_logo_emeraude_rvbThe question comes up very often, why Indemne?

In the first meaning of the question why did you name your brand Indemne? I answer that this name fully corresponds to the spirit of promises that I want to bring.

In the second sense of the question, for what? I say that I have known skin problems and I know what it is to suffer of the judgement from others. I still have a skin with redness, itchy and scratchy. I also know what is it to have no other solution that cortisone or drug derivatives :( :( :(


That’s why Indemne aims to restore the skin and help her to fight against small (or big) daily assaults.


In french, be Indemne means, be free, be intact.


To de-dramatise! Our key word!



Yes of course… so easy to say, but so less easy to apply on myself because of my experience since so many years…

To de-dramatise, with my skin which “burns” and itches all the time !? My skin, it’s a king of emotional visit card, the mirror of my own emotions, my stress and all my stress and worries…This skin which, suddenly slough off because of crisis, and I’m ashamed. A vicious circle. It mades me want to study it. I discovered more than 7 millions French people are in my case… It’s a kind of relief, I feel less lonely. I have a common point with 7 millions of French people! Great! Some of them has also a dermatitis atopic AND seborrheic dermatitis like me…!

One day, I decided to say stop to all this farce, and I decided to DE – DRAMATISE, for good. I had a big desire to be relieved, to stop using cortisone and to use with proudness a skincare lotion good for my skin, and to… decomplexe!I explored, I met people, I work… Hard… And I found! Hey! STOP petrochemical… Here are 100% natural products with essential oils ready to use. That’s how the idea to create Indemne is born.