Let’s get rid of blemishes!


Cream, lotion, make-up, and foundation all over the face, your skin has just one desire: being pampered! So, let’s do it and you’ll be rewarded! However, between facts and fictions, it is sometimes hard to implement the adequate tips. That’s why, Indemne gives you some daily tips to get a perfect skin.

Fact or fiction?

No hydration for oily skin 

You think your oily skin will shine even more if you moisturize it? That’s not true. Contrary to what is often believed, if you skip moisturizing your skin, you may worsen the situation. The cosmetics industry didn’t neglect you: it exists various skin care products for oily skin. If you want to get a radiant, fresh and shine-free complexion, don’t skip moisturizing and pampering your skin anymore!

For example, you can use the “Gimme Clear! lotion: this unexpected lotion is formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. It purifies the skin, it helps to reduce excess sebum production and visible shine. The lotion eliminates clogged pores, pimples and blemishes. It heals pimples, smoothes skin texture and regain a clear and healthy complexion. This lotion contains natural ingredients like essential oils and vegetal oils.

The great plus? 1 or 2 drops of “Gimme Clear!” are all it takes to provide complete care of your skin. A true advantage for your wallet!

You can’t use your day cream as a night cream

Totally wrong! In fact, night creams are more concentrated in active ingredients. However, day creams remain still effective. Apply daily to face and you’ll take care of your skin properly. Actually, the epidermis is particularly responsive to skin care products during the night.

You can ideally favour essential oil-based products: Cheaper, there are appropriate for both day and night use.

Indemne suggests you the “Gimme Soothing anti-irritant lotion”: a natural beauty oil formula to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair. This multi-usage oil is composed with 7 essential and vegetable oils including Roman chamomile, Cadier Wood and Neroli to repair and sublimate irritated and dry skin.

Exfoliating your skin takes off your tan (and we know your tan means a lot to you!)

No worries, that’s not true! Exfoliating will take off some of your dead skin cells. If you do it about once a week and use a gentle product, you’ll get a lasting and radiant tan. Obviously, you need to moisturize your skin to prevent the dryness that causes skin to flake off and so your tan with it! Then, an exfoliated skin is more responsive to care products.

Daily tips to get a flawless skin!

Thoroughly clean your make-up brushes

In order to avoid that your make-up ally becomes a nest of bacteria, you should clean it as often as possible. Actually, make-up brushes are constantly in contact with sebum, dust and other dirt. And if you put them away in a makeup kit, there are even more likely to be in contact with bacteria – as a consequence, you could get acne and blemishes…So you know what you have to do now!

How to clean your brushes easily?

Don’t be afraid, cleaning your makeup brushes is an easy thing to do!
You just need to:

  • Run your brushes under lukewarm water and rinse out all of the residual makeup. (Try to focus on the actual bristles while avoiding the part of the brush where handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue over time),
  • Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to work up a lather,
  • Rinse the brush tip under running water once again until the water runs clear from the brush,
  • Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean,
  • Lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry.

Regularly clean your pillowcase

Your pillowcase protects your pillow from sweat and dead skin which fall off during the night (not really glamourous, I know…). In addition, acarids are crazy about what you leave behind you…
If you are on edge while reading that, it is probably time to clean your pillowcase. How often? Ideally once every 10 days.

Clean your mobile phone with antibacterial wipes

If you have little spots on your cheeks whose origin is a mystery, maybe your mobile phone is guilty! No, we’re not going to tell you not to call your best friend today evening for reporting your last improbable date…we just advise you to clean your phone with antibacterial wipes! This simple act avoids the transfer of bacteria which can clog pores.


It seems probably surprising, but being physically active is good for acne, not only for your pretty butt! For what reasons?

  • Exercising reduces stress: Being anxious increases your androgen production, some hormones which boost the sebum secretion and so the acne breakouts. Exercice, unwind and you’ll be rewarded!
  • Sport is good for your sleep: Exercise and you’ll get a more restorative sleep. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, expending yourself enables you sleeping well and thus promotes your spots elimination!
  • Being active improves your blood flow: A good blood flow is synonymous with good skin healing and so radiant complexion and spots elimination.

You know now all the little tips to get a fresh, radiant and flawless complexion!

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