Essential oils during pregnancy

essential oils during pregnancyEssential oils and pregnancy are they compatible? Numerous women wonder about this question. Essential oils may be natural but they are powerful before all. For that reason, you should know how to daily use correctly essential and what are precautions to be taken during your pregnancy.

Your homemade lip balm Indemne DIY Recipes

Today Indemne offers you a quick and simple DIY recipe!


There was a time when a lip balm was associated with a fluo-to-gogo or colored lip balm and frequently had a distinctive coconut, strawberry or even chocolate taste. At that time we didn’t necessarily know what was in it… But today it’s over!

So how do you make your 100% natural homemade lip balm?

Indemne reveals you a customizable recipe based on its famous Baba Cool care oil in two fragrances: Almond or Coconut-Vanilla.


To make a homemade lip balm you need:

1 container, e.g. small 10 mL jar

1 bowl + 1 saucepan for the water bath

1 spatula

5g or 1 teaspoon of vegetable butter (shea, for example)

5g or ½ teaspoon of vegetable wax (e.g., soybeans)

2 drops of Vitamin E

And finally 5g or 1 teaspoon of Baba Cool oil (fragrance to choose, we decided to test Almond care oil)*

*per 10 mL jar

The Indemne recipe:

Step 1: Gently melt all solid ingredients on a water bath

Step 2: Add the remaining liquid ingredients and mix!

Step 3: Pour the still warm mix into a small jar

Step 4: Let it cool and it’s done!

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And here you have what you need to make a homemade cosmetic product, 100% natural, organic and vegan!

lip balm recipe Indemnelip-balm-recipe-tuto-indemne

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Why you should be vigilant when you are using essential oils for DIY?


«Special Spring» DIY: A sequined care oil 100% Vegan

Do you like make your own cosmetics? Or just to customize them in order to adapt them to your skin, to the season, to an event, or to your wishes of the moment? Do you want to change your beauty routine, or bring a new touch whether in texture or with fragrance?

At Indemne we are fans of the ‘do it yourself”! We create, transform, deform, and recreate. Indemne offers you its DIY for the scented Baba Cool Care Oil (Coconut-Vanilla OR Almond)!

This beauty oil is perfect for nourishing your body and hair, no matter what is your skin type. And its gentle and warm perfume help you stay relaxed and positive during the day! Also, this essential oils mix is perfectly safe for your skin (even atopic-prone!) and hair. 

Sequined Care Oil Recipe

This is THE ideal recipe for the springtime to sublime your skin and make it sparkle!



You must have:

  • Depending on your desires: 1 Baba Cool almond or Vanilla-Coco oil (100 mL)
  • Glitters of the color of your choice*
  • And a knife (we’ll only use the tip!)

*we used a natural gold powder mica and natural sequins

The recipe by Indemne:

Step 1: Gently remove the reducing plug from Baba Cool oil

Step 2: Add 2 points of a knife of gold powder knife and 3 points of a knife of natural glitter (or even more if you like sparkles!)

Step 3: Put the reducing plug back on, shake and… It’s ready!

recipe indemne sequined care oil DIY

Use Baba Cool sequined care oil to sublimate, nourish and flavor your skin and/or hair and shine like a beautiful star! 

In addition, know that Baba Cool has a shelf life of whole 9 months after opening! 


Next week learn how to do a perfumed candle at home! Easy and fast DIY to create a relaxing, cozy or mysterious atmosphere!


Essential Oils For Handmade Dermo-cosmetics

Why you should be vigilant when you are using essential oils for DIY?

Moreover, if you have irritated, sensitive or acne-prone skin?

Tips DIY with Essential oils

We have been doing this since the beginning of time. From our early childhood, when we have been imitating our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins… by playing a cook or a chemist apprentice and making experiments!


This seems like a piece of cake when you search for a new interesting combination with a nice smell. But without chemical and molecular knowledge you should be careful. Do not rely only on data from the Internet where ineptitudes can be infinite!

What It Is An Atopic Skin ?

Atopic skin: what it is and how to take care

Dryness, irritation, redness … it stings, it ITCHES !!! And it can cause so much discomfort.  Moreover, your sensitive skin seems particularly prone to allergies.

These are all the signs of an atopic skin! But do not panic, atopy is not a disease.

So, what is atopy? 

This Spring: TOP 6 Herbs For Skin Care !

Spring is here!

It is high time to make your skin breath and enjoy the sunlight!

A girl in spring

There is a simple way to make you worry not about imperfections, irritations, dryness or ultraviolet impact. You just may use our main beauty tip for a skin care daily routine.

So here how to take care of skin naturally! Everything thanks to… 

Moussaillon Mimosa Edition : the Future of the Soap

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A natural soap isn’t caracterized by its form, in fact it is by its composition, the soap is made by chimical reaction that create a amphiphilic molecule (it’s the molecule  that lather the soap). By this way of thinking we created the new soap, the only one soap to sprinkle in the world, we aren’t afraid to say it, this is the innovation which is going to change the behavior in the bathroom.

Product innovation and its benefits

We have already launched « Moussaillon » and now its little brother is joining us « Moussaillon Mimosa Edition ». This soap is 100% natural and contains organic shea butter. It seduced the most part of our community by its utility. Good bye old soaps that are deteriorating next to the sink!! Farewell the feeling of dryness on the hands after washing it with classical soap!! This little bottle full of ingeniosity have been make to reconnect the people who are used to wash their hands and body with shower gel to the natural soap morever with organic component.

The soap of a happy family

It can be used by the whole family and also by the children (after 36 months), due to its ultra soft as the olive oil or the organic shea butter use to nourish your skin deeply. It will give you a fresh feeling on the hands, furthermore an incredible smell that will remenber you your childhood or your dreams in the south of France, between mimosas smelling the fresh summer air that makes you say « God, south is very comfortable »

You’d understand the Natural soap « Moussaillon Edition Mimosa » is a plus which’ll give you well-being and happiness from the early morning (as hard it could be!!) to the late evening.