The Effects Of Ultraviolet Rays On The Skin

ultraviolet rays impact on the skinWho does not enjoy the first rays of sunshine at the beginning of summer? However, in order to take advantage of the sun without damaging your skin, you should be aware of the benefits and harmful impact of the ultraviolet rays. 

The beneficial and harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays

Like most the things, the sun and its ultraviolet rays have their ups and downs!

The harmful impact

In order to be done with bad news, let’s start with the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation. First of all, a definition: “radiation is the emission (sending out) of energy from any source. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The main source of UV radiation is the sun, although it can also come from man-made sources such as tanning beds and welding torches.” (source)

As you know it, UV are most of the time at the origin of sunstroke. However, they can unhappily cause premature aging. In that case, the skin becomes more and drier, loses elasticity and some brown spots can appear. In the worst case scenario, overexposure to UV can cause skin cancer, especially if you have light skin or if you have prominent moles.

The positive effect

Don’t worry, we also have good news for you today! UV rays have beneficial effects on the skin and on the organism. They not only give you a nice tan complexion but also favor the production of vitamin D which protects the organism against flu, diabetes, cancer or against various skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, urticarial…). On top of that, vitamin D helps to fix calcium and phosphorus on bones and make them stronger.

ultraviolet rays at summer

Yes to a radiant complexion, No to premature aging!

It is possible to enjoy the sun and its benefits only. How to do it? You can simply expose yourself sensibly. Depending on your skin type, you can expose yourself without sunscreen between 5 and 15 minutes. If you want to expose yourself longer, we recommend you to use a sunscreen. Don’t worry, even with it, you’ll get a nice tan which will last longer!

Another advice: don’t forget to nourish your skin after a day at the beach or at the swimming pool. Indemne recommends you the Antiseche skin care oil which is the ideal after-sun product. This natural oil nourishes, soothes and repairs your skin after each exposure. Exclusively composed of natural plant oils and essential oils, Antiseche leaves a subtle veil of sweet almond and neroli on your skin.

The Advantage? You can use Antiseche as a hair mask before the shampoo. Your hair becomes shiny and silky even after a day at the beach.

Here you are! You know now all the secrets of getting a nice tan without damaging your skin.

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