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Today Indemne offers you a quick and simple DIY recipe!


There was a time when a lip balm was associated with a fluo-to-gogo or colored lip balm and frequently had a distinctive coconut, strawberry or even chocolate taste. At that time we didn’t necessarily know what was in it… But today it’s over!

So how do you make your 100% natural homemade lip balm?

Indemne reveals you a customizable recipe based on its famous Baba Cool care oil in two fragrances: Almond or Coconut-Vanilla.


To make a homemade lip balm you need:

1 container, e.g. small 10 mL jar

1 bowl + 1 saucepan for the water bath

1 spatula

5g or 1 teaspoon of vegetable butter (shea, for example)

5g or ½ teaspoon of vegetable wax (e.g., soybeans)

2 drops of Vitamin E

And finally 5g or 1 teaspoon of Baba Cool oil (fragrance to choose, we decided to test Almond care oil)*

*per 10 mL jar

The Indemne recipe:

Step 1: Gently melt all solid ingredients on a water bath

Step 2: Add the remaining liquid ingredients and mix!

Step 3: Pour the still warm mix into a small jar

Step 4: Let it cool and it’s done!

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And here you have what you need to make a homemade cosmetic product, 100% natural, organic and vegan!

lip balm recipe Indemnelip-balm-recipe-tuto-indemne

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