What It Is An Atopic Skin ?

Atopic skin: what it is and how to take care

Dryness, irritation, redness … it stings, it ITCHES !!! And it can cause so much discomfort.  Moreover, your sensitive skin seems particularly prone to allergies.

These are all the signs of an atopic skin! But do not panic, atopy is not a disease.

So, what is atopy? 

It is ‘a hereditary tendency to be hypersensitive to certain allergens…that predisposes a person to certain allergic responses, like atopic dermatitis’ (Dictionary.com). Because of this predisposition, atopic skin can show its sensitivity and intolerance when being attacked by certain allergens. The skin becomes porous. This is when the feeling of discomfort appears.

The skin is dry, it itches.

Besides the known allergic elements such as pollen, mites, animal hair, beware of the products you use daily. Laundry, softeners, soap, shower gel (where petrochemistry is often very present)…
Also, some environmental factors contribute to the misfortune of atopic skin: pollution, the limestone present in the water, the climate (while the cold dries the skin, even more, the humid climates dilate the pores. It’s welcome to allergens!).

What to do with atopic skin?

In order to take care of particularly sensitive skin, there are solutions : 

First, it can be useful to define its allergic terrain. Better go to the dermatologist for expertise.

Then you should take care of your skin and relieve it as much as possible.  Nature is your best ally: avoid chemical soaps that often attack and always dry the skin (prefer natural soaps and washings), opt for mild toilet linen, limit exposure to limestone water…

The last but not the least, essential oils are an efficient help for treating the symptoms! Indemne developed organic products, especially for atopic prone skin.

The anti-irritant formulas in the Gimme soothing! by Indemne should be perfect for your sensitive skin care. Based on the essential oils only, it is suitable for you no matter what your skin type is.

STOP the dryness and itching, your skin stays healthy thanks to your daily routine with Indemne Lab.

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