Immortelle, your best beauty partner!

Immortelle flower

Well more than a simple flower, Immortelle or “Helichrysum” is aptly named! Why “Immortelle” (immortal in English)? Simply because this flower has an extraordinary longevity and possesses amazing anti-aging properties. It is truly the flower of beauty and youthfulness!

Extraordinary yes, but why?

The Helichrysum is a scarce and precious plant. Its flowers look like little suns with a gold colour. They grow on dry, rocky or sandy ground around the Mediterranean. Especially in Corsica.
Just like in fantasy movies, this flower possesses the secret to eternal youth. Ok…it seems unreal, but it isn’t! In fact, its name comes from its faculty to never fade away even after it has been picked up. (Amazing isn’t it?)

You want to dream a little bit more? Then, you must know that this flower was already used in olden days, and not by just anyone…
According to mythology, the long lasting radiant beauty of Helichrysum impressed the Greeks so much that they crowned the images and statues of Apollo (our favourite Greek god) with it.

What benefits?

Over the last years, we have rediscovered the exceptional properties of this plant, which is truly coveted today!

Helichrysum is an European herb native to France, Italy and some neighbouring countries. This is a very costly oil and scarcely available, but unlike other essential oils which have a short shelf life, this oil can be stored for a very long time.

Protective effect of helichrysum on skin:

  • strong impact against free radicals
  • significantly stimulates collagen production
  • stimulates tissue changes
  • improves microcirculation and skin detoxification
  • antiseptic that purifies the skin

 Immortelle flower

Because yes…all women want to have a firm and smooth skin!

Unhappily, it is not a secret: with age, our skin becomes less smooth and firm. However, there are many simple tips to stay radiant thanks to Immortelle flowers!

Indemne chose to take advantage of all Immortelle’s benefits. That’s why, Immortelle is the main ingredient of our Gimme Smooth! Slimming lotion”.

“Gimme Smooth!” is a natural and effective slimming lotion to reduce cellulite. It is a truly invigorating formula with 7 essential oils including Eucalyptus Dives and Italian Helichrysum with countless virtues. This anti-cellulite lotion smoothes the skin, removes appearance of orange peel and improves skin texture on legs, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

100% of tested subjects noticed an improvement! Why not you? 

Female legs in the swimming pool water

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