10 tips to get a flat tummy!

woman flat tummy

It’s spring now, we begin wearing our little tops and quite soon, we will wear our colourful swimsuits again! Thus, it is the ideal time to learn few simple but effective tips to get a flat tummy.

We won’t keep you waiting, here are our tips:

If you follow these little tips every day, they will enable you not to get fat and avoid you to be bloated. But what are these tips?

Avoid having a too high salt consumption

In minute doses, salt is good for your health – both good for your heart and your brain functioning. However, consuming too much salt causes water retention and so an immediate swelling.
Our tip: you should never add some salt before tasting your food. Sometimes, it is not necessary to add some.

Chew less gum

We say yes to the fresh breath before a date, yes to the sugar free chewing-gum after drinking a coffee or a tea to avoid getting stains on your teeth but no the chewing-gums over-consumption. Actually, chewing them all day long causes bloating.
Consequence: a waist size which is not optimal.

Eating less sweet foods

Even if you have a compelling craving for chocolate, above all after a long day at work, and that you remember there are still 2 pieces of chocolate in your candies hiding place, you must resist! It is not a secret, too calorific food is the main origin of abdominal fat. On top of that, sugar feeds the bad bacteria and causes bloating.

Sweet food


Drinking less beer

Maybe it sounds obvious to you, but we never know! Alcohol and fizz you can find in the numerous beers is not good for a flat stomach. The solution: Try to limit your consumption and drink only one glass of beer per day in order to prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria and so giving you wind (sorry for the mood-killer!) and bloating.

Avoid eating with your mouth open

Eating with your mouth open let some air entering in your organism and bloats your stomach. If you make the effort to eat with your mouth closed, your tummy won’t be swollen and as a bonus you will keep your sex-appeal!

Avoid eating some specific vegetables

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and some other vegetables contain some kinds of sugar which are hard to digest. For that reason, you should eat these vegetables in small doses to avoid bloating.
Our tip: try to find the good balance and eat vegetables with some proteins (poultry, fish…) instead of just a big amount of vegetables. In this way, you won’t overload your digestive system.

Favour homemade food

Favouring homemade food enables avoiding eating processed food which are full of salt and preservatives. Result: less water retention and a weight loss as a bonus!



Avoid drinking sodas

We often hear about it, sodas are full of sugar and most of them are fizzing. Thus, as mentioned in previously in this article, sugar and fizz you can find in these drinks cause bloating and won’t help you get a perfect flat tummy.

Adopt peppermint and ginger

I has been proven, both peppermint and ginger have the capacity to ease your stomach. In this way, they help you digest faster and so enable you to get a flatter tummy. Our tip: peppermint is perfect against bloating and ginger is super against nausea and constipation.

Eat as much fibres as you can

Fruits, vegetables and whole cereals which contain fibres are effective to get a flat stomach. As they rapidly fill you up, you eat less and your waist size will thank you. The foods you should favour: raspberry, apple, avocado, beetroot, almonds, black chocolate (70% and over), chia seeds…

Muesli fibres


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Here you are, you have now all the tips in mind to fight against bloating and to get a perfect waist size!


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