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Gimme Smooth


Slimming lotion 3.33fl.oz

A truly invigorating formula that reduces cellulite and the orange peel effect in a visible way. 7 essential oils combine to win the fight, including Eucalyptus Dives and Italian Helichrysum essential oils with countless virtues.

The girls won’t be able to live without it!

Anti-cellulite tool

You had enough with manual dynamic palpate-roll?
Very efficient of course but it discourages of them more one! That's why Indemne propose you a simple and playful alternative in order to give you desire again! Discover Bubble-in!

Bubble-in reproduces the dynamic palpate-roll of kinesiologist at home. It works on all types of cellulite: fibrous, adipose, infiltrated cellulite.
An efficiency and recognised method in healthy sector in order to say goodbye to this nasty fat...Have you ever dreamt of it?

By using it with the lotion Gimme Smooth! regularly, it not only reduces cellulite, encourages circulation, tonifies peel, improves its elasticity, drains lymph, eliminates skin toxins and relax muscles. That's all!

Don't give up anymore, fight back!