Divali India the famous festival of lights

Happy Divali * दिवाली


Divali, also called Diwali ou Dipavali (hindi : दीपावली (Dīpāvalī) ou दिवाली (Divālī)) is a big festival of lights in India. It’s a commemoration for the return of Rama to Ayodhya. People had lightenned the road of the king with lights.

Very popular in India, the festival of lights Divali, is a festive day when we offer (and reveive) gifts under the lights of the many fireworks organised speacially for the occasion. The Festival is during 5 days. The third is one of the more important because of the celebration of the goddess Lakshmi.

We would like to wish a beautyfull festival to our Indians friends. All our toughts bright.